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Greg Marriott

Assistant Director of Studies

Teaching experience: Since 2014 in Oxford, UK.

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Teaching Qualifications: CELTA , DELTA

Specialist area: Phonology

Interests: Cooking Asian, French & Italian food

Other: Worked in a London recording studio with famous bands

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Colin Lockhart

Senior Teacher

Teaching experience: Since 1986 in Oxford, UK, France & Spain.

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Teaching Qualifications: CELTA , DELTA

Specialist area: Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE, CPE)

Interests: Baking, history

Other: Organises all the Cambridge Exams in Oxford

Steve Pine

Senior Teacher

Teaching experience: Since 2003 in Oxford, UK and South Korea.

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Teaching Qualifications: CELTA , MA

Specialist area: Upper-intermediate & Advanced learners

Interests: Politics, rugby, cricket

Other: Loves travelling & lived in South Korea

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Nick King


Teaching experience: Since 2004 in Oxford, UK and South America.

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Teaching Qualifications: CELTA , DELTA

Specialist area: Management, IELTS

Interests: Rugby, canoeing, barbecues, different cultures

Other: Fluent in Spanish


I like the people and the atmosphere at OXFORDLY. I recommend it to my friends because it’s well-priced, it’s a great school and you get personal attention. Thank you!

I like OXFORDLY because the teachers are really good. The online software is easy to use.  I recommend OXFORDLY to all my friends because you can learn English really well here!

How do I register?

Please book and pay for your course on the BOOK NOW page and then also enter your details HERE.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay when clicking on Buy Now on any package on the BOOK NOW page.

You can also pay by Direct Bank Transfer – please CONTACT US if you require an invoice with bank details.

How many days per week do I study?

The courses are based on 2 days per week. If you require a different schedule, it is fine, just let us know at 

Can I choose my timetable?

Yes, please confirm your preferred timetable when you book. We need to know which days per week and what time of day. You can also email us at to discuss.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, we can give you a free 15 minute demonstration so that you can see the software and methodology. Please register HERE for a free trial lesson.

Can I study for an English exam course online?

Yes, you can prepare for IELTS Exams, Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE, CPE etc.) or TOEFL at no extra cost, just book your course and tell us your exam objectives.

Can I study for English for Specific Purposes (ESP)?

Yes, you can prepare for specialist English courses, such as Medical English, Business English, Aviation English or Legal English at no extra cost, just book your course and tell us your requirements and objectives.

Do I get breaks on the course ?

Yes you will. Just let us know your preferences and if you need to take a holiday.

Can I contact you by email?

Yes, please email us at 

How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is 60 minutes, consisting of 40 minutes live with the teacher and 20 minutes digital self-study provided on our system by your teacher

What information is on Oxfordly English Certification?
  • Date the English certification was issued to the student.
  • The level of the course attended.
  • The course a student has taken.
  • Oxfordly contact details.
  • Signature of the course directors.
  • The duration of the course.

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